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Dog Toys and Exercise Aids

"A tired dog is a good dog" is an old dog trainer's saying. Our treat puzzle toys, tug toys and bicycle attachments will help to exercise your dog's body and mind, which will help him to behave better. All of our toys have been selected by our expert dog trainer and owner, Jess Rollins.



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Antler Chews Antler Dog Chews, Natural Whole Antlers for Dogs!

$4.75 - $38.75

Bulk discount
Bully chew sticks All Natural Pizzles bulk BULK Bully Sticks Dog Chews - Free Range, All Natural

$49.75 - $209.75

Bully Chew Sticks Free-Range macho sticks pizzles Bully Sticks for Dogs, Free-Range. X-Thick & Low Odor Options!

$2.75 - $12.75

Himalayan Dog Chew Himalayan Chews, Dog Chew Treat Made of Yak Milk, Bulk Too!

Sale: $6.50 - $99.50

Save $1.25

Antler Rope Chews for Dogs, Natural Antler on Cotton Rope Antler Rope Chews for Dogs, Natural Antler on Cotton Rope

$17.75 - $24.75

Flavorit, Flavor Cell Nylon Chew Bones for Dogs

$8.75 - $12.75

Foobler, Auto Re-Loading Puzzle Feeder Toy for Dogs

Sale: $34.75

Save $5.00

Kong Genius Leo treat dispenser puzzle Kong Genius Leo Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

Sale: $11.75 - $19.75

Save $1.00

Tug-A-Jug Dog Puzzle Treat Dispensing Toy Tug-A-Jug Treat Puzzle Dog Toy

$8.75 - $15.75

Squirrel Dudes Dog Treat Dispensing Toy Squirrel Dude Treat Dispensing Toy for Dogs

$6 - $12.75

TreatStik Dog Food Dispensing Toy TreatStik Treat & Food Dispensing Toy


Canine Genius Mike treat dispenser puzzle Kong Genius Mike Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

Sale: $10.75 - $16.75

Save $2.00

Kong Chew Dog Treat Dispensing Toy Kong Dog Toy: Classic Red, Black and Blue Versions

$5.75 - $22.75

Ultimate Jackpot Dog Tug Toy Ultimate Jackpot Stuffable Tug Toy


WalkyDog Bicycle Dog Exerciser WalkyDog Dog Bicycle Exerciser


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Bike Tow Leash - Bike with Your Dog Bike Tow Leash Dog Bicycle Attachment


Cycleash Shock-Less Dog Bicycle Leash from PetEgo


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Toss 'N Treat Dog Treat Frisbee Toss N Treat Flying Disk


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