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Swamp Cooler from RuffWear, Dog Cooling Coat

Swamp Cooler Cooling Vest for Dogs from RuffWear
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We live in the inland area of San Diego Co. and it gets HOT. My dog has black hair about the thickness of a german shepherd and she suffers from the heat when she obsessively chases lizards and rabbits, taking a long time to recuperate. I put this on her and she cools down much more rapidly than normal, which is the difference between 10 min. and 30 min.! You can see the appreciation in her eyes when you put it on her. When you feel underneath it, it's nice and cool under there, I love it that I have something to use that can help her be who she is and not have to suffer for it! Only one problem is that it gets dirty real quick when she lays on the ground and picks up burs and things, but so does any dog wear, so what are you gonna do? But I can live with that since all it needs is to be rinsed off, except of course the brush ripping it up and sticking into it. I just limit her freedom when she's wearing it.
Jessie has multiple liver shunts and was not expected to live past a few month of life, however she is a strong willed little girl and is now 4 y/o. She can not take the heat, it really makes her sick. We live in So. CA. and it gets hot here in the summer. We have been searching for things to keep her cool and came upon this swamp cooler vest and thought we would give it a try. She used it last weekend when the temp here was 103* and we were so happy that the vest worked beautifully. It truly is a life saver for Jessie. She will be able to spend some time outside with us this summer thanks to this vest.
It works great. At first I was wondering how well; the top layer drys out pretty quickly (Phoenix, AZ...very warm & dry) but the bottom remains moist. Putting my hand beneath and onto her coat, it feels cool to the touch. The combo of the cool & moist material with the light reflective color proves to be outstanding for dogs who seek the shade. The bottom line: Mya walks more smoothly and remains more energized with the coat on than without. One last thing...people will ask you why you have a jacket on your dog or just look at you like you're a moron. I wonder if Ruffwear should put a big "COOLER!!!" on the side.
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