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Gentle Leader Head Collar - Deluxe & Regular

Gentle Leader Deluxe Dog Head Halter
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The Gentle Leader Deluxe is a perfect solution for owners who want ultimate control.

  • Ideal for strong pullers: The Gentle Lead Head Halter is ideal for controlling dogs who are strong pullers or aggressive. Offers extra control to small or disabled handlers or for walking multiple dogs.
  • Of course, it's not a muzzle!: When fitted properly, your dog is free to open his mouth to eat, drink, pant, fetch, bark and even bite.
  • Great for controlling other rambunctious behavior too!: Helpful in deterring lunging, pulling, jumping and barking.
  • How it works and fits: The collar features two soft nylon straps - the collar portion fits high at the top of the neck, and the nose loop fits loosely and comfortably across the top of the muzzle.
  • Instructional DVD included for all versions!
  • Deluxe version: Adorable ribbon design and a a matching ribbon leash. Felt padded nose strap for comfort.
  • Safety note: Not for use with a leash longer than 6 feet.
  • Take your time: It takes time to teach your dog to be comfortable wearing the Gentle Leader. You will receive instructions and a DVD on how to do this and you can see our article here: Teach Your Dog to Wear a Gentle Leader and a great video. You can also view the Manual from PetSafe. If you have only minor problems with pulling, you may consider a No Pull Harness which most dogs prefer to wear.

Small: 5-25 lbs
Medium: 25-60 lbs
Large: 60-130 lbs
XLarge: 130+ lbs

Click the play button below to view a video about the Gentle Leader Head Collar:

I LOVE this Gentle Leader. I was skeptical, but after trying it, I'm VERY impressed with the results. We live in the country, and I have a 9-mth old Black Russian Terrier puppy that was VERY reactive to seeing other animals...rabbits, deer, turkeys--you name it.

Since he is on the larger side of the breed, he was already 30" tall and weighs 100#--almost as big as me--he'll be bigger than me soon. Lunging when he'd see those animals was causing a BIG problem for my control of him. When I pulled a triceps, that was it.

We tried the prong training collar we'd used on my Airedale (that the BRT's replaced), but it didn't work the same way it had with my Airedale & he developed a sore on his neck within a week from ignoring it and lunging. So I decided the gentle leader was worth a try. Problem solved with the first time he wore it. I found it easy to size and use thanks to the DVD included. BTW, thank you for the comparison chart that compares the Gentle Leader and the harnesses. It helped make my decision a lot easier.

There's only one thing I'd change about it. I'd have a regular fastener instead of the quick-snap. I still don't trust quick releases with really large dogs, and the neck strap & fastener isn't exactly what you'd call heavy duty despite buying the extra-large size. Pet Expertise Comment: FYI, we have never had a buckle fail on one of these and Premier assured us that it is plenty strong given that the buckle itself does not have much pressure applied directly to it. However, if you are concerned, it is not a bad idea to create a backup attachment to a regular collar.
Thank you for your email. Yes, I received the deluxe head collar (halter) and truly love it...I have a beautiful large standard poodle who is learning to walk without pulling...the head halter made all the difference in the world for me. Because my dog is large, and I am a small person with joint problems, I cannot have my dog pulling hard on a leash. The head halter has made it possible for me to enjoy walking my dog!!
Had a gentle leader deluxe before and knew it would be excellent for my boisterous boxer dog who walks to heel beautifully on it. Service was excellent and it arrived quicker than I thought it would.
The combination of great physical control of the dog (but gently!) and great "attitude" control, too, is fabulous! Dogs tend to be not just dramatically easier to walk, but calmer and more focused, too. especially great for reactive, fearful or barky dogs. It is very important that the dog be properly fitted, and properly introduced to the head collar - don;t plan to just strap it on and let the dog paw at it-- It is well worth taking the few minutes necessary to set up the correct attitude and behavior from the beginning to have a happy dog that is a delight to walk! (Do read the Pet Expertise's helpful instructions, and watch the Jean Donaldson video!)
These are a great product! I have seen many people switch to these and are in shock at how much easier it is to handle their dogs. It is a "miracle" tool for the majority of dogs. It gives you the power back instead of the dog pulling and choking for the walk. The dog will probably fight it (scratching nose, flipping around) for a day or a few days, but then get used to it. It will make walks more enjoyable for you and your dog. Dogs that go on long walks are happier and less destructive. (your backyard is not proper exercise. they need the mental stimulation of new sites, as well as new smells)
Recommended by my trainer, these ride too high up on my husky or shepherd noses, all the way to their eyes. My husky wears an imprint for hours after walking w/her 'padded' gentle leader halter. :-(. Pet Expertise Note: Fitting is very important to insure that this doesn't occur. The strap that goes around the neck probably needs to be up higher and tighter in this customer's case. If the neck strap is 1 finger tight, and sits just below the ears, high up on the neck, it allows the nose strap to be in a more comfortable position for the dog.
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