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The Pet Barrier, Retractable Dog Gate
Pet Barrier in Use with Slider, Open
Pet Barrier in Use with Slider, Closed
Pet Barrier in Use at Front Door
Pet Barrier Close Up, Closed
Pet Barrier Close Up, Open

The Pet Barrier, Retractable Dog Gate

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Pet Expertise Paw RatingPet Expertise Paw RatingPet Expertise Paw RatingPet Expertise Paw RatingPet Expertise Paw Rating Reviews

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The Pet Barrier is a unique, retractable pet gate that's there when you need it, and not when you don't! Perfect at the front door for coralling excitable pooches.

  • Keep Your Dog Where You Want Him!: The Pet Barrier is perfect for the energetic or protective pet and ideal for the sneaky escape artists. It will block your dog's view out of the front door when extended which will help your dog to calm down. Not only will it work wonders on your front door, but you can use it on internal doorways, hallways and sliders too!

  • Looks Great & Hides When Not in Use!:  The Pet Barrier's streamlined, sleek appearance prevents it from being the eye-sore many other bulky gates and kennels can become.

  • Easy to Install! View instructions.

  • How it Works: The Pet Barrier is made up of two separate pieces; the housing unit which is installed on the door jamb and the receiving bar which is installed on the door. To use simply pull the handle and the barrier will extend so that you can latch it to the receiving bar.

  • Details: The Pet Barrier is made of white reinforced opaque vinyl that is puncture and tear resistant. The sleekly designed white aluminum housing unit is unobtrusive and mounts on the door jamb. It measures 33" in height and is approximately 2.5" in diameter.

  • The Pet Barrier is 30.5” high and extends up to 48". It's great for small to medium-sized dogs. When properly installed the Pet Barrier sits about 1" above the floor so there is not much room for sneaking under!

  • Made in the USA.

  • Great price!

Pet Expertise's Trainer's Note: While this is a durable product, it is made of fabric and we wouldn't recommend that it be used alone to contain aggressive dogs or to keep a very rambunctious dog away from where it wants to be. It is best used with mainly-calm dogs or under supervision. The Pet Barrier is also not recommended for use outside or at the top of stairways.

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Author: Jamie

Pet Expertise Paw RatingPet Expertise Paw RatingPet Expertise Paw RatingPet Expertise Paw RatingPet Expertise Paw Rating Reviews

The Pet Barrier was designed for my needs as a pet owner. I own a dog that is very territorial. When someone knocks on my door, she is the first to respond. Her barking alerts both me and my guest, which is a good thing, but opening the door to receive my guest was a challenge. I would open the door only a few inches and position my leg between the open door and my dog in an attempt to prevent her from escaping. I was not always successful. This was stressful for me, my pet, and my guest. The Pet Barrier has virtually eliminated this challenge and the stress. My dog is still the first to alert me to someone at the door with her barking, but because I use The Pet Barrier, I now open the door with confidence!


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