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Horgan No-Pull Dog Harness, Unique Back Leg Harness
Horgan No-Pull Dog Harness, Detail View
Horgan No-Pull Dog Harness, Back View

Horgan No-Pull Dog Harness, Unique Back-End Harness

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Have you tried everything to get your dog to stop pulling? The Innovative Horgan Harness gently restrains your dog's back legs to reduce pulling so you can get a fresh start (with training)!

  • Invented by a veterinarian to be safe and effective: Dr. Jason Horgan invented the Horgan Harness when he realized that dogs use their back legs for 70% of their pulling power and most products only address the dog's front end. 

  • How it works: The patented Horgan Harness creates a harmless sensation by gently tightening around the hind legs when your dog pulls. This is where powerful muscles generate 70% of your dog's pulling power. This sensation diverts your dog's attention and reminds him or her to slow down. The body of the harness is made of soft polyester like other harnesses. The cords that wrap around the back legs are made of soft nylon. They are not made of rope and do not constrict/strangulate nor cause any skin irritation of any kind. The cords loosen as soon as your dog stops pulling.

  • No choke, no pinch and no twisting your dog's spine!: Dr. Horgan is an orthopedic veterinary surgeon and his primary concern with development of the Horgan No-Pull Harness was safety. The Horgan Harness avoids applying pressure on the sensitive areas of the body such as the head, neck or armpits. The gentle pressure from the harness is applied on the large muscles of your dog's back legs and not on the stomach or inside of the legs. More from Dr. Horgan regarding safety: "The Horgan Harness was tested on many dogs for years before we brought it to the market. It applies slight pressure to the back legs around the powerful quadriceps and hamstrings. There are no major blood vessels or nerve structures in this area. They are all deep to the muscle. It applies no pressure to the joints either. Not once did we see any signs of discomfort. I still follow up with many of the dogs that still use it and they are in excellent health. There are many more important blood vessels and nerves around the face, neck and armpit region with a lot less tissue protection. I am an orthopedic surgeon that operates on this area weekly. I know the anatomy and the biophysical nature of this area very well. If most people knew how many more sensitive structures are in the face, neck and chest then the hind thighs they all would probably purchase a Horgan Harness."

  • Easy to use: Once the Horgan Harness is adjusted for your dog, you will simply slip the loops onto your dog's back legs, attach the metal clip to your dog's collar and then attach your leash. Comes with instructions for use. Hand wash.

  • But don't forget to train!: Dogs are smart and can learn to circumvent just about any no-pull device. To get the most out of the Horgan Harness, we recommend that you reward your dog generously when he or she stops pulling. Check out our tips on training your dog not to pull on the leash.

  • Note: For dogs that are aggressive we recommend using a second leash or dual attachment leash that attaches to your dog's regular collar for extra control. Also, if your dog has a very sensitive throat and you find that your dog still puts a bit of pressure on his or her collar when using the Horgan Harness, you can use a regular harness or a Cradle Collar to attach the Horgan Harness to instead of your dog's regular collar. Dogs that are very body sensitive may not do well with the Horgan Harness since it will feel quite odd to them at first. Please contact us if you have any questions about this new type of no-pull harness!

  • Made in the USA. 60 day money back guarantee!

S: 5 to 15 lbs; M: 15 to 50 lbs; L: 50 to 100 lbs; XL: 100 to 250 lbs

Click to view a comparison article of gentle no-pull solutions from Pet Expertise.

Click to view a video of the Horgan Harness in action (please note, that we do not carry the version in the video which has a strap along the spine as we found that the harness works better without it.):

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Author: leah

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Horrible harness! I have an 80 pound 11 month old dog argentine who is a very strong puller. this product did not stay on properly and it did not help with the pulling whatsoever. It also looks like a sex swing. =( would not recommend.
we ended up throwing a weighted back pack on him and this works great for us.
Author: Sue

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If my dog had a better trainer.... but he doesn't; he has me. I've tried many training techniques and many harnesses, halters and collars with the Wildman. Still he pulls. I've reasoned with him. I've threatened him. I've pleaded with him. I've bribed him. Still, he pulls. If I can keep his attention and make him focus on me, he actually can heel. However, I can only keep his attention for a little while and he's very dog, squirrel, cat, bird, duck and butterfly reactive. He's a hearty puller, but a major concern I've had is his near vertical leap that has me looking my dog in the eye. Although the head halter has been helpful with pulling, I have great concern about him injuring his neck while leaping. Initially I was put off with the look of the Horgan Harness. My dog and I agreed that it could have been either a torture device or adaptive medical equipment. However, it was so reasonably priced and well thought out, I decided to give it a go. After getting him strapped in, we went out for a walk. I don't use a leash with it as I want him in heel position, even if it's forced. The strap is quite comfortable in my hand. The Horgan Harness works beautifully. My dog doesn't pull any more and if he does, he interrupts himself by looking around to see what's on his back legs. The vertical leap is completely undone because he pulls himself into a sit position before he gets off the ground. The Wildman has always enjoyed his walks. Now we both enjoy them.
Author: Ben

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My golden retriever Alice has been with me for almost 3 years. I have tried everything including a trainer come to our house and still she pulled me. I have never been able to take her for a walk until now. Also, this was recommended to me by someone who also loved it. You have a wonderful product I Love It !!!
Author: Lauren

Pet Expertise Paw RatingPet Expertise Paw RatingPet Expertise Paw RatingPet Expertise Paw RatingPet Expertise Paw Rating Reviews

I have tried walking my adolescent Rottweiller on a Easy Walk Harness and a pinch collar. The Horgan Harness actually works better than either of them!
Author: Shelley

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I think this is absolutely the most WONDERFUL harness on the market! I can't even count all the $$ I have spent on other no-pull harnesses. I have a very large German Short-haired Pointer (90#) and he took me for our 'nightly drag' for almost 6 years. I put the Horgan Harness on him last night, let him get used to the feel of it, clipped his leash to it and headed out the door with NO expectations. He didn't pull once, not once! It was an absolute miracle........ Definitely one of the best things of 2012 for me! I would highly recommend this for anyone.
Author: Stever

Pet Expertise Paw RatingPet Expertise Paw RatingPet Expertise Paw RatingPet Expertise Paw RatingPet Expertise Paw Rating Reviews

We have a 2-1/2 year old 70 pound Malamute that probably never walked on a leash prior to our adopting her 6 months ago. She also has an exceptional strong prey drive and if she sees a rabbit, she goes ballistic. we tried four different "no-pull" harnesses before we got the Horgan Harness and none of the other stopped her from pulling, they only provided a slightly greater degree of control so at lest she could be walked. But it was no fun and quite exhausting. Walks, particularly the beginnings, were like participating in weight pulling contests (where I was the weight) or being at the start of the Iditarod.

We ordered the Horgan Harness and from the very first time we put it on her she walked very nicely without pulling. It was a stunning turnaround. She tested pulling a couple of times and after she discovered that she cannot she has given up trying. now whne we come across a rabbit on the trail she stops and stares at it with no pulling. She also does not like other dogs and tends to go ballastic whne meeting another dog. The first meeting after wearing the Horgan Harness, she went ballasic and the harness basically pulled her back legs out from under her and put her on the ground. She was so startled by this response that the next dog she met, she just walked past it. That was a first.

We have been using the Horgan Harness now for 2 weeks and the results are just wonderful. Even my wife can walk her and that was not possible with the other harnesses. This is truly the first harness we have used that really stops a dog from pulling. I could name all the other harnesses we tried but I don't want to embarass those products for failing to do their job. I normally do not submit reviews but the results with the Horgan Harness are so specatular that I decided to add my comments.
Author: Kim

Pet Expertise Paw RatingPet Expertise Paw RatingPet Expertise Paw RatingPet Expertise Paw RatingPet Expertise Paw Rating Reviews

We received the harness and apart from some minor issues with a putting the harness on the dog. It works wonders. This harness makes it possible to walk my dog.

My dog (Radar) has figured out that he can get out of his collar and most harnesses by backing up. He lowers his head and pulls away from me rear end first. He gets out of ordinary harnesses like people get out of a t-shirt. That is to say over the head and easily. NOT THIS HARNESS! First of all the harness goes around the back and he can't get out!

Next I am able to control him even in the presses of a bunny.
Author: Chad

Pet Expertise Paw RatingPet Expertise Paw RatingPet Expertise Paw RatingPet Expertise Paw RatingPet Expertise Paw Rating Reviews

Thank you for the quick delivery. The leash is doing wonders. We have a 140lb Great Dane and and it was getting really hard to walk her. Love this harness.

Author: Ann

Pet Expertise Paw RatingPet Expertise Paw RatingPet Expertise Paw RatingPet Expertise Paw RatingPet Expertise Paw Rating Reviews

It's a miracle! Three years ago, my sister was given a 2 yr. old 115lb. Golden Retriever by his owners who were in their 80s. It's a miracle that those folks did not end up with a broken bone. Oskie is a very sweet tempered dog, but he had never been walked and had the bad habit of pulling. We walk our dogs every day and during those excursions tried everything to keep him from pulling and lunging.

We got the Halti head harness and the following two weeks our walks took twice as long as the dog did everything he could to get that harness off is head. We tried to use the Dog Whisperer's technique, different handlers and even tried a shock collar, but this dog was still out of control especially if he saw another dog. I was looking online for the Easy Walk harness that had been suggested by friends and ran across your site.

One of the comments mentioned that the difficulties they had encountered with this front-banded harness and I realized that we would be in for a repeat of our experience with the Halti. Another of your commenters mentioned how their dog's lunging almost pulled their arm out of the socket and that was the very experience we had just had. So I ordered the Horgan Harness as a surprise for my sister, figuring that with a guarantee, there was nothing to lose.

When the harness came I had my doubts. But we put the harness on the dog and after the walk that day, my sister said that it was worth any amount of money! We've been using the harness for 3 weeks now and our struggles have disappeared. Every walk has been a pleasure! Today was the extreme test however. A neighbor dog was out and Oskie lunged toward him and was stopped by the harness. He tried 3 times to do this and each time was stopped without arms being yanked out of sockets or a face full of gravel.

I cannot tell you how wonderful and effective this product is! Thank you very much for bringing this to the public.


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