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Housetraining / Housebreaking Your Dog Using a Bell


Teach Dog to Ring Bell - Housebreaking  Dog or Housetraining  Puppy

By Jess Rollins
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The best way to teach your dog to tell you when she needs to go out by teaching her to ring a bell. This is best taught after your dog seems to prefer to go outside to potty and you would like to give her a good way to communicate that to you. This works especially well for dogs who only have a few accidents or have accidents by the door. Teaching your dog to ring a bell prevents her from needing to resort to such uncivilized behavior as scratching on the door or barking to tell you to let her out.

  1. Show your dog the bell. If she touches it with her nose give her a treat. Once she is touching her nose to the bell every time you show it to her go on to the next step. Put the bell away when you are not practicing with it.

  2. Show her the bell and only feed her a treat when she rings the bell by touching it. Once she is ringing it every time you show it to her go on to the next step.  Put the bell away when you are not practicing with it.

  3. Hang the bell by the door that you want your dog to use to go out and show her the bell. Give her a treat when she rings it. Once she is ringing the bell by the door each time you point to it, go on to the next step. Put the bell away when you are not practicing with it.

  4. Put your bell up by the door. Let her watch you as you place a treat outside the door. Close the door and then point to the bell. When she rings the bell, open the door and let her get the treat. Once she rings the bell right away when you place a treat outside go on to the next step. Leave the bell in place by the door.

  5. Next time you think she has to potty, go with her to the door and point to the bell. When she rings it, open the door and let her potty. Reward her with a treat when she finishes. Each time you let her out to potty, ask her to ring the bell first and feed her a treat when she finishes.

  6. Leave the bell on the door and when she rings it let her out to potty. If she starts to play or dawdle outside, bring her in. This will prevent her from ringing the bell when she sees a squirrel (or at least prevent her from learning that she can get you to let her out to play instead of just to potty)

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Author: Sarah
Where can I purchase that bell?
Author: Sarah
Where can I purchase that bell?
Author: Sarah
Where can I purchase that bell?
Author: KAT
This was so cute. My daughter's 2 beagles were raised and trained like this. She would attach the bell from the sliding glass door. They are so good about letting her know. Never a problem.
Author: Caitlin
We have been attempting to bell train our 8mo. old pup. She got the hang of ringing the bell very quickly. She now rings the bell on her own every time I say "walk". She picked up that much within 2 weeks. But she doesn't seem to be getting that final step of ringing the bell by herself to notify me that she wants to go out. Any advice?
Author: Sherry
Where can I buy that bell!?!?!
Author: Tom
Well each puppy trains at their own pace. Most pepipus stop having accidents around 12-weeks-old, but that is tooooo soon to let your guard down. The bladder isn't grown until 6-months-old. I don't consider mine fully potty trained until 1-year-old. When they behave, I allow them more space, but not unsupervised. Around 6-months-old they get more space, but I still follow them when they go exploring. I may have had something 4 other dogs ignored, and this puppy decides to kill it. I may have a basket that all my other dogs ignore, and this puppy can't wait to get what is in the basket. Each of my pepipus was different. Sometimes I went a whole month without an accident, and then surprise. Here are some tips, use what helps.I use a crate* to potty train with, but only for potty training and then I break it down and store it. I put blankets and a small food and water dish in the crate. Dogs don't potty where they eat and sleep. When they are first little, I only expect them to hold their potty for 4 hours, and then 6 hours, then 8 hours and so on. So when they are first little, I set a timer or alarm clock to wake myself up at night to take them *out. I only allow my puppy in the bedroom* or the living room, only one room at a time. They have to graduate to more space. If I allow them to have full run of the house, it will overwhelm them. I take them out the same door each time. I tie a dinner bell to the door handle. Do not use a jingle bell as they could get their toe caught in it. So when they are little, I ring the bell for them, and then open the door to go *outside to potty. When they get bigger, I take their paw and whack the bell and open the door to go potty. Eventually getting to the place where the puppy will ring the bell and let me know when they need to go potty. Dogs want to please you, so it is your job to let them know what behaviors please you and what doesn't. So when my puppy goes potty, I give her a treat*, and clap, and make a fuss and praise her. So she learns that going potty outside makes me happy. If she has an accident, make a disgust sound like “tsst” and take her out right away. I never yell* or spank* my pepipus. Take them out when they first wake up, after they eat or drink, before nap, finish romping, when their activities change, or when they are sniffing around. Some pepipus go pee right away, but may not go poop until 10 minutes later, so wait for the poop. I have a little play time here, because sometimes I think they are done, and they are not. Puppies train at their own pace. While I may have a puppy that hasn't had an accident in several weeks, I don't let my guard down. I don't expect my pepipus to be fully potty trained until one-year-old. If they have a setback, shake it off, and start over. I only have my pepipus in the crate when I am not watching them. When I am sleeping, cooking, ironing, doing chores, basically when I am not watching her. All other times, she is out of the crate practicing being a big girl. This is the time I train her how to behave in the house. So we are practicing no barking , no biting , no jumping , and don't eat the furniture. I also have to practice playing inside so she doesn't knock over things. You must keep the puppy in sight when they are little because they don’t know the difference between newspaper and carpet, and you don’t want them sneaking off and getting into trouble. Some pepipus can sleep through the night around 3-months-old, but their bladder is grown around 6-months-old.REVISIONS:*I use a crate to train with. It is the method I prefer, compared to other methods I have tried. I noticed that if they are in the crate, while I am doing chores, they are o.k., because the crate allows them to see me and be re-assured. The crate can also be a comfort when stored in the basement for dogs who live in areas where thunderstorms and tornados are an issue. . However, use the method that works best for you ..a laundry basket, a cardboard box, a woof-woof house, child gates whatever works for you.*Outside, pee pad, litter box, whichever method you are using. When the puppy is first little, keep the pee pad, litter box near the food and water dish, so the puppy can eat and drink, and then go potty. You can move it away as they get older. The pee pad has a scent that smells and initiates potty. Sometimes a pee pad makes a sound that scares some pepipus, so you might want to use a litter box if that happens. The pee pad allows a puppy to walk around, but a litter box keeps the puppy in one place. *Bedrooms, I use the bedroom and living room for training, because it works for me. Choose rooms that work for you, but watch for rooms that are damp, or drafty. While my pepipus sleep in the bedroom during training, once they are trained, I let them sleep where they want to. They don't have to sleep in the bedroom forever.*Treats. While I use treats for training, you don't have to. I like Charlee Bears for training (a little cracker for a little mouth,) I use them for training, but once they are trained, I cut back on them. *Some pepipus will go potty in the same spot each time. Some pepipus have to be told to go potty. A command like go out for pee, or go finish for poop, might work for you, keep saying “go finish” until the puppy poops. This is a good thing to train if you travel with your dogs. By using commands, the puppy won't get confused when you are visiting someone, on vacation with you, or when you get to a new home. The command will tell them what you want them to do in an unfamiliar place. You might also want to use a leash method, so the puppy doesn’t sneak off, or for strange places.*Yelling. It is not a good idea to yell or spank your puppy and then take them outside when they have an accident. They may get confused and think that going outside is punishment. While you want to correct them, if you are extreme, they may not want to go outside again. Shake it off, and resume your schedule. You have to keep it real. Puppies train at their own pace, but a puppy can only hold their potty for a few hours. A guide would be 1 hour for each month of age, plus 1 hour, so a three-month-old puppy should only be expected to hold their potty for 4 hours at most. Source: These tips, tricks, and ideas were contributed from many brilliant minds. Thanks for your help!
Author: Sarah
Where can I purchase that bell?
Author: Samantha
Just a question about bell training. Why do you suggest putting the bell away when she isn't being trained on it. Wouldn't it make more sense to put it by the door so we ring it before she goes out each time?
Author: Holly
What breed is the dog in the photo? Pet Expertise Response: He is a chihuahua mix.
Author: Susie
What if you have multiple doors to go through before the final one that leads outside or if you have stairs with stairgate to go down before you get to the door that leads outside? Do you just put the bell at final door?
Author: Matt
What would you do if you want your dog to do its business in one location rather then all over ya garden?
Author: Sarah
Where can I purchase that bell?
Author: Sarah
Where can I purchase that bell?
Author: Sarah
Where can I purchase that bell?

Thanks for asking, Sarah! You can find it right here: http://www.petexpertise.com/solve-dog-problems/bell-for-dog-housetraining-hanging-brass.html
Author: Dan
Why all the treats? Shouldnt love and praise be enough?
Author: Sarah
Where can I purchase that bell?
Author: Cindy
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