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A Dog Diaper or Male Wrap Can Help with Housetraining. Yes, Really!


By Jess Rollins
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I've had a lot of foster dogs to housetrain recently and I also happened to have a few dog diapers around for product testing. This got me to put two and two together and try out using the diaper as a housetraining aid. I discovered that the diaper can be very helpful in many cases!

Generally, dog trainers recommend diapers only for incontinent dogs or dogs in heat and not for housetraining. I think trainers are worried that people will use the diaper as a crutch and end up not successfully housetraining the dog at all, which is a valid concern. However, I've found that the dog diaper can be a really helpful aid if used as part of a complete housetraining program for certain dogs.

Is your dog a good candidate for housetraining using a dog diaper?

  • Is your dog mostly housetrained? The diaper is useful towards the end of the housetraining process when your dog readily goes potty outside and only has less than one accident a day.

  • Is your dog easy going about wearing things and being handled? This method works best for dogs that are calm about being handled and won't mind wearing the diaper. If you don't think this is your dog, you might as well skip it and stick with the traditional housetraining method. For boy dogs that just have pee accidents, the Male Wrap can be a perfect version of the diaper as it is easier to put on and take off.

First, find a good-fitting and comfortable dog diaper.

Next, it is important to teach the dog that wearing the diaper is a good thing so that he or she is not frightened by the process or become upset when you approach. Do this by taking it slow with your dog and using lots of treats during the process of putting the diaper on. A second person can be helpful at first to feed the treats while you position the diaper. If your dog tries to wiggle out of the diaper once it is on, try to interrupt, and then reward him or her for calmness. If your dog really dislikes the diaper it may just not be worth it since you will be able to housetrain your dog just fine using the basic housetraining protocol without the diaper.

The time to begin using the diaper on your dog is when you are almost 100% sure that your dog won't have an accident in the house.
The diaper is helpful in the following ways:

  • Prevents floor, carpet and furniture clean-up (it can be difficult to remove all lingering odor which can hold back housetraining).

  • Lets you know for sure that your dog has had an accident and that you need to give him or her less freedom. (Sometimes with little dogs they can have accidents that go unnoticed for quite some time).

  • Makes going potty in the house somewhat uncomfortable for your dog which can help discourage him from "going" in the house.

  • Helpful and courteous to use when visiting as dogs are often more likely to have accidents at a new place. (It is also important to remember to give your dog less freedom at a new place.)

If your dog has an accident in the diaper it means that you need to:

  • Give your dog less freedom in the house. Do this by using a crate, tether (only when you are home), exercise pen or by gating them in a smaller area.

  • Take your dog outside more often for potty breaks (up to once an hour during the day).

  • Reward with a extra tasty treat for going potty outside.

  • If the accident is happening by the door, you can help your dog learn to signal to you when he or she wants to go out by teaching them to use a bell

  • Clean the diaper and also wash and dry the dog to prevent a rash. A second diaper can be helpful when waiting for the first to be clean again.

Okay, I'm ready for your comments! I have a feeling people will either love or hate this idea. Just remember, that I am proposing using a dog diaper during housetraining is an add on to a traditional housetraining program which uses prevention of accidents and rewarding for going potty outside. The dog diaper will not allow you to skip all of the "hard work" but it can help with clean up and consistency.


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Author: Luis
Can a male dog use diapers and where can they be baught ????
Author: J. Smith
My teacup poodle would piddle on the carpet inside. I tried using dog diapers and was very successful. She will not go in the diaper (or at least hasn't yet in the two weeks I've used them). I take her out for normal potty breaks then reapply the diaper inside. It's a little bit of a hassle but much better than having piddle spots on the rug.
Author: Ryann
I have a dog that has to wear a male wrap almost always because he constantly pees on everything. My mother and I have work most of the day so we can't take him on frequent potty breaks during those times. We switch out diapers and clean then constantly but he has a horrible rash. Is there any other way to prevent this?
Author: Prabhat
It is the same way you do with a puppy pretty much. you take the dog out every time it eats, dknirs or sleeps and wait outside to uses the restroom the only difference is your dog has a time clock it just has to be trained to use it. And after 3 days of watching the dog raise it up to an hour every time you take it out. then 3 days later 2 hours keep doing this till you get which I think is the max 4 hours for any dog. Even though my lab likes to wait longer because she likes being lazy lol.But she can't hold it 3 hours much anymore being 7 years old it happens.P.S. I wouldn't use potty pads because the dog thinks it can use the restroom in the house not a good idea. If you need to get a crate for when you are gone to crate train the dog so it won't use the restroom in the house.My dad's landlord used potty pads in the house for her mix and the dog now goes every where in the house because it was trained on them. My dad is now braking this because he is sick of it using the restroom in his room. he takes the dog out every 2 hours. It is almost 2 years old.
Author: Gabriela
crate training works worends!! Some of the experts say that you should make sure the dog does not see it as a punishment, however my dog hates nothing worse than being in his crate away from us. Call it your room or Bed or something short that he will come to associate it with. Like has been said by others, make sure he has an oppurtunity to go directly before and immediately after his stay in the crate. He should go in it at night as well. Try your best to set the dog up for success rather than defeat. When first training my labrador, if he messed up while he was running about and playing, I told him to go to his room in a harsh tone, and kept verbally scolding him while I cleaned it up. Then I put him outside (I have a fenced in yard). Just have patience and be consistant. He really wants to please if he is anything like any lab I have ever known and if you are consistant, and offer LOTSA LOTSA praise when he gets it right you will have a perfectly housebroken dog.Oh and while he is doing his business, say good dog calmly one time as to not interupt him then have an absolute fit when he is finished. He will catch on!God Bless you for taking care of a one year labby who has obviously recieved little if any training, who is not even yours!
Author: Pam
My male puppy does not like his nappy and became upset when he pooed in it. I did not enjoy trying to clean his bottom, the female pup accepts the nappy a lot better. I hope the nappies don't defer house training.
Author: joy
Same issue as Ryan. Is it bad to keep dog diapers on all the time? I'm noticing swelling and rashes. I do change out the diaper pad lining always bt he has to keep them on at all times as when I don't watch him he tinkles
Author: Angel
I recently adpoted two adult dogs. Initially, I was under the impression they were already housetrained but when I took them home, I discovered they were not potty train. One is 6 years old and the other is 3 years old. I want to train them how to pee in one spot using a training diaper and then I want to be able to train them to pee on command. I tried to get them to pee on the training pad but they keep peeing outside of it, what should i do? I used their residue pee to place on the training pad so they could make out the scent on the pad and pee it on it but instead they are straying away. A friend told me to take them out on a walk and when they pee say the command pee pee then praise and reward them after but that's when i'm walking them but what about when they're in the house? . Please advise. Thank YouFor those who jumped the gun,I don't mean for the dogs to pee inside the house but I want to take one step at a time first I want to be able to train them to use the training diapers to pee then slowly I want to take them outside and train them how to pee on command then from there on they can urinate outdoor. I never said to wear diapers on them, I meant a training diaper pad if you read the description.Thank You! I will start walking them and when they urinate or poo i'll just say a command then praise them. Because I wor 40 hrs a week, I'm not able to take them outside every 1-2 hours, instead i'll try to take them outside after they eat. Thanks!
Author: Ryann
I have a dog that has to wear a male wrap almost always because he constantly pees on everything. My mother and I have work most of the day so we can't take him on frequent potty breaks during those times. We switch out diapers and clean then constantly but he has a horrible rash. Is there any other way to prevent this?
Author: Louise Roberg
I just bought these because my 2 yr old terrier is alone during the day, and has started to mark in the house. He just started this. I hate to have to kennel him, so I am going to try these bands. I hope they work.
Author: Jompi
I keep thinking my dog is potty treniad and then I will come home and there will be pee in the house. He is good about not pooping in the house, but sometimes he still pees. If I leave him in his crate, he will hold it so I know he can hold it overnight and at least for a few hours during the day.A few days ago, he had gone a while without an accident, so I thought it was time to give him a little more space (the rest of the kitchen). He was fine for about 4 days and then peed in the house right when I thought he was getting the hang of it. I only work 3 hours a day this summer so I am around a lot and let him out all the time. How long should I wait for him to go without an accident before I can officially consider him housetreniad? Or even let him graduate to more space when I'm not home? He does seem to understand that he has to go out to pee when i'm home because he'll bark at the door. He's a seven month old shih tzu if that helps. He had a previous owner for the first 6 months of his life who did not really train him so we are starting from scratch. http://ynlzflfjnrf.com [url=http://gwohfnygi.com]gwohfnygi[/url] [link=http://qoerlxdkb.com]qoerlxdkb[/link]
Author: Steph
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Author: Mary
Good idea. I wouldn't have thought so, but as a trainer myself I have found that it helps even with the confusion that my 15 yr old dog sometimes has about where to pee. She tolerates the diaper well, but doesn't want to pee with it on.
Author: Paula
I have a feeling my dog will chew up the diaper... how do you avoid this? Pet Expertise response: With supervision and some Bitter Apple Spray. It also helps to make sure that your dog has something yummy to chew on like a bully stick to keep him or her occupied.